Thanksgiving Dinner Menu  



Mini Crab Cakes with herb sauce   $30.00 per dozen

Grilled Shrimp  $30.00 per dozen

Shrimp Cocktail $30.00 per dozen

Baked Camembert with Maple Syrup & Toasted Almonds   $18.00 each

Spanakopita   $18.00 per dozen

Mini Empanadas   $18.00 per dozen

Mini Potato Pancakes   $18.00 per dozen

Small Antipasto Platter    $35.00


Puree of Butternut Squash   $12.00 per quart

Corn Chowder    $12.00 per quart


Main Course

Roast Breast of Turkey    $14.00 per pound

Roast Breast of Turkey stuffed with Dried Fruit    $16.00 per pound

Dark Meat Turkey    $10.00 per pound

Pot Roast   $18.00 per pound


Vegetables & Sauces

Bread Stuffing with vegetables & apple    $6.95 per pound

Mashed Potatoes    $5.95 per pound

Sweet Potatoes with cinnamon & honey    $7.95 per pound

Young String Beans with caramelized shallots    $12.00 per pound

Oven Roasted Root Vegetables    $10.00 per pound

Brussel Sprouts with caramelized onions    $12.00 per pound

Turkey Gravy    $9.00 per quart

Store Made Cranberry Orange Sauce    $9.00 per pint

Assorted Dinner Rolls     $4.95 per half dozen



Apple Pie   $18.00

Pumpkin Pie   $18.00

 Pecan Pie   $18.00

Tiramisu   $3.50 per piece

Apple Crisp   $3.95  per piece

Coconut-Maple Cream Pie   $18.00


All orders must be picked up by 4:00 pm, Wed., Nov.24th  

From Our Butcher shop:

Leg of Lamb - market price   


Rib Roast of Beef $20.00 per pound


Half or Whole Ham $9.00 per pound    


Center Cut Pork Loin $9.00 per pound